• ARMY PETE posted an update 3 years, 5 months ago

    hi hans
    thanks for your message.believe me , i used to be a lot more negative.just ask charlene , lol. now i am just resigned to living my life with the crap that comes with it.i tryed ofev and it gave me to many side effects .and no none of the pills that countered the effect helped enough. i decided to stop.i rather enjoy what time i got left then being a slave to meds that in the opinion of many,do little .yes percentage wise and the number games wise it can help some while it also does not work for everybody.i am 71 years old . i have iscchemic heart desease after my tripple by pass ,from agent orange no less,i have ptsd so i am on enough pills as it is .i much rather have “good time ” while i can then going through all the crap that comes from the pills.to me , quality is more important then quantety .my spelling sucks today,sorry.having said all this, does not mean i am negative.its a choice and i doubt that they come out with a proven medication in my life time..so there my friend it a matter of choice. take care

    • Hi Pete,
      I’m sorry that you have such a bad experience with the medication. But I do agree with you that each of us have to make their own choice of what is most important.
      As for me, I’m 84 years old & intent to live a lot longer still despite the IPF issues.
      For what it’s worth, I control the side effects of OFEV by taking Chinese Herbs from the Wei Laboratories. These seem to take care of all the side effects, except the shortness of breath.
      I wish you all the best in the future while living with IPF.
      Sincerely, Hans

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