• ARMY PETE posted an update 3 years, 2 months ago

    @reglois thanks for you reply. I read about your oxygen going down to the 70 s.be aware that its not just a number.every time you go below 88 or 90,it affects every part of your organs which all need that steady flow of oxy.and finally, adjusting the flow and quantety on your own is no bueno!
    i just spent a half a day with those folks.its to hard to explain ……
    take care , peter

    • I know it is dangerous getting down to such low numbers, happens for no apparent reason , even just getting into bed can have me at 79 so I just have to get on with it, never adjust my ambulatory oxygen, that was set by the doctor, but do turn up and back down again the house oxy, like the other day, got the house covered in smoke from neighbour burning a full field of downed Christmas trees, was terribly ill. Not one to just sit in a chair and go oh me oh my, will go out with a bang me. lol

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