How We Can Work Together to Raise Awareness of PF

If you’re a member of the PF community, you’re well aware of how little the general public knows about the disease. It’s important that we all work together to raise awareness. Awareness results in more fundraising efforts, which means more dollars, which means more research, and eventually, hopefully, that means finding a cure.

If you’re struggling with what you can to help raise awareness, we’ve put together some great ideas to get you started.

Get social

Social media is one of the best tools we have to spread awareness for any number of issues that we feel strongly about. To spread awareness for PF, this video is a great place to start, but you can also follow our Pulmonary Fibrosis News page on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for other ideas.

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  1. Brian Sowter says:

    I have been diagnosed with IPF for almost 1 year but I had shadows on my lungs 3 years ago. I happen to have big lungs and my FVC is 105% so I am years away from getting treatment under the UK (so called) National Health Service. UK is the only country in Europe which does not give Ofev to people till they reach 80%. My Gas transfer is not good and is going down so I will probably never qualify for treatment. I would probably be closer to getting treatment if I had been a smoker. Why cant we pay more taxes and treat IPF properly when it is diagnosed early?
    Actually I am getting Ofev as part of a trial run by Boehringer but I had to organise this myself. And hopefully there will be alternative treatments in future.

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