Taking Time to Express Gratitude

Taking Time to Express Gratitude

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Two years ago, I let my colleagues know that I was closing my counseling practice of 30 years due to serious health concerns. A therapist I’d collaborated with in the past left me the most wonderful voicemail. She encouraged me about the positive impact I’d had in the community, which was a great blessing to me. The words that stuck out the most were, “I didn’t want to keep this inside, unspoken … and not let you know.

Don’t leave gratitude unexpressed

That really got me thinking about the words of encouragement I want to share. What type of gratitude do I want to express? I often think something positive about a friend or loved one, but I don’t say it out loud.

So many people have reached out to me with support, prayers, and practical help. Our caregivers are our unsung heroes. I want to make sure that I take the time to express the gratitude I feel. I don’t want things to go unsaid.

How about you?

Ask yourself some important questions:

  • Who would I like to express gratitude to? What have I left unsaid?
  • What specifically would I like to tell them? Here are some ideas: How they have impacted you personally. Character traits in them you admire. Words you think of whenever you think about them. Favorite memory with them.
  • What are the ways I could tell them? Ideas: In a letter, in an email, call them on the phone, forward them this column, tell them they came to mind, and then share specifics. If you’re still able to go out, meet for coffee.
  • When am I going to do this? Write it on your calendar/phone/things to do list, etc. Perhaps you could share with one person who comes to mind every other week.

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I’ll go first

I would like to thank all of you for being so encouraging to me. It’s been two years since I started writing this column, and I feel so blessed by your comments and encouragement. I feel supported and not so alone in this struggle because of your support. I am really enjoying getting to know each and every one of you. Thank you very much.

I’d love to hear from you

What jumped out at you from this column? What are your favorite ways to express gratitude? Who came to mind that you want to thank? What’s your plan?

Please leave a comment below and share with those who could benefit via email or on social media.


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  1. Marjorie Kildare says:

    How true your sentiments! There’s nothing like gratitude for living life daily, no matter the circumstances. And, I appreciate you reminding us of this vital component of life. Thanks for all you offer all of us!


    It is hard to accept your own circumstances in life. That being said, I am complete in Christ. No matter the circumstances. I am just learning this truth and it is a comfort. Thank you Kim for your inspiration.

  3. Victoria says:

    Hi kim! I’m so glad you broke down what to expect in the end stages of IPF. I was just googling why doctors rx morphine to patients that take ofev my grandpa was just Diagnosed in May 2018 after his health declined. The pulmonary doctor suggested That we need to start talking about hospice and his wishes. Since then I have become closer to him I call him everyday just to see how he’s doing and just talk.
    I’m grateful that I bumped into your blog it somewhat help with my anxiety of not knowing.

    • Hi Victoria,
      Nice to hear from you. I know it is so hard to face into this reality. Your Grandpa is so blessed to have you there for him! I know it’s hard to get good information. I have a book coming out 11/15 to help PF patients and their loved ones called, Pulmonary Fibrosis Journey: A Counselor and Fellow Patient Walks with You. I hope it will be a blessing to many.

  4. Marilyn says:

    My husband was diagnosed with IPF six months ago, so we have just begun this journey. I truly appreciate Pulmonary Fibrosis News, your articles of support and the information it provides. I was just imagining what it would be like if we did not have this great resource and how alone I would feel. Thank you so much for spending the time to give this gift to a whole multitude of people you don’t even know! Your love of God shines through in this way you show love to your neighbors.

    • Hi Marilyn,
      Thanks so much!!! I really appreciate your taking the time to encourage me. So sorry for your husband’s diagnosis and all you are both going through adjusting to it. I remember how hard that first year was for me getting used to this new reality. I wanted to let you know that I have a book coming out 11/15 to help PF patients and their loved ones called, Pulmonary Fibrosis Journey: A Counselor and Fellow Patient Walks with You. I hope it will be a blessing to you and many others. I had to learn so much through the school of hard knocks. I’m hoping to help other patients and caregivers on this difficult journey. Blessings to you both…

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