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IPF May Have a Specific Gene Signature, Aiding Potential New Therapies, Analysis Finds

Researchers have identified 39 genes as critical to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), based on a computational analysis of large genomic studies. Their study, “Detecting the Molecular System Signatures of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis through Integrated Genomic Analysis,” appeared in the journal Scientific Reports. IPF patients do not respond to anti-inflammatory therapies such…

American Lung Association Initiative for Healthy Air

Healthy Air is an initiative run by the American Lung Association (ALA) that aims to education people on how to improve the air they breathe, avoid pollution and help influence public policy to improve the air quality. MORE: Four ways the American Lung Association helps patients manage their lung disease.

6 Common Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue

If you suffer from a chronic illness, then it’s highly likely that you’ll experience fatigue from time to time. Fatigue is different than just feeling tired, and generally it’s not something that can be fixed with an early night or by resting for a little while. With tips from the pros at …

5 Tips for Traveling With Pulmonary Fibrosis

Having pulmonary fibrosis has an impact on many aspects of life. A person may not be able to walk, climb stairs, or may just tire easily. However, one can still enjoy life and its simple pleasures, such as going on vacation. Traveling requires a lot more planning with pulmonary fibrosis. Here are…

How We Can Work Together to Raise Awareness of PF

If you’re a member of the PF community, you’re well aware of how little the general public knows about the disease. It’s important that we all work together to raise awareness. Awareness results in more fundraising efforts, which means more dollars, which means more research, and eventually, hopefully, that means…

Health Journalist Slams the Use of Smoking in Fashion Shoots

In an article for Shape magazine, journalist Kylie Gilbert slams the use of cigarettes in fashion shoots featuring some of the world’s most recognizable celebrity models. Here are four things you can do to help prevent pulmonary fibrosis.  A recent photo spread featuring reality stars and models Kendall…

4 Breathing Mistakes You’re Probably Making

We breathe every day. For some of us, this process is simple and we don’t think too much about it. For others, it’s a constant struggle that requires a lot of concentration and effort. For all of us, it’s important we’re aware that there’s a right—and wrong—way to breathe. If you…

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