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Christie is a life-long explorer of the Wild West. She now resides in the Hawaiian Islands with her husband, Jonny, and their two four-legged friends. Christie is a full-time freelancer, nature lover, and business owner. She took a break from work in 2019 to care for her mother, Holly, before and after her double-lung transplant. Christie’s column documents the experience of her mother’s IPF progression, months-long hospitalization at UC San Francisco, and life-saving transplant. She hopes that her family’s transplant story can provide a unique perspective for other IPF patients and family members.

Articles by Christie Patient

Mourning the Deaths That Can’t Be Counted

There is a phenomenon in psychology known as “lost possible selves.” Possible selves are the heroes in our life story that we create within our inner narrative. They are made from goals and wants, fears and risks. They represent the infinite possibilities, expectations, and desires for our lives.

6 People You Will Meet in an ICU Waiting Room

When I recall the times that loved ones were in the hospital for extended periods, I can still feel the energy of the waiting rooms. ICU waiting rooms have a particular hum about them, a palpable tension created by people in limbo, including those often too stressed to…

My Take on the Trach: It’s a Good Thing

Last week was Global Tracheostomy Tube Awareness Week. The mother of a child with complex health challenges started it. Her goals were to educate people and normalize her daughter’s trach. While Trach Week focuses on the use of a trach as a long-term treatment, it got me thinking about my…

I’m Feeling Bad — and That’s Good

This past week, I felt things. Like, I really, finally felt things. They were real feelings, not forced, and came without judgment. It’s been longer than I want to admit since I have experienced any emotion without it being tainted by anxious judgment. I have written many columns…

Howling for Healthcare and Hospital Heros

Now more than ever, healthcare workers and hospital employees are being applauded for their work. Even in the best of times, working in healthcare is not easy. These days, our healthcare systems are stressed because of COVID-19, and medical care looks vastly different than what we are used…

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