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My Plan to Hold the Anxiety Monster at Bay

Ah, November. Tis the season for declining mental health! The end of fall and beginning of winter always make me anxious. In the past, it was the start of my competitive ski racing season that caused a lot of stress. After that were college midterms. There is no particular…

A Body and Its New Lungs: A Love Story

It’s been seven months since my mom, Holly, had a double-lung transplant. She and the miracle organs that have been stitched within her are going strong. But their relationship hasn’t been perfect. My mom’s body and her new lungs each brought their own baggage to the relationship.

Taking Care of Yourself and Your Loved One

I have spent a lot of time writing about self-care and mental health as a caregiver. Even if the term “self-care” sounds silly to you, I recommend dedicating time every day to your mental health. If for no other reason than to help prevent caregiver burnout.

What a Difference a Year Makes

My husband, Jonny, and I return to the University of Nevada, Reno, every year for our alumni rugby game. The first weekend of October is among the best of the year. Our parents come to watch, and for one magical day we have our closest friends and family in one…

Whether Asked or Not, My Helpers Show Up

In times of trouble, I remember the words of Mister Rogers’ mother, who said to always “look for the helpers.” Until recently, that advice comforted me more in theory than in practice. It was easy to look for — and see — my helpers, but I seldom called…

A Stranger in Need Finds a Friend Indeed

When my mom, Holly, was hospitalized to wait for a double-lung transplant, I needed to talk to a survivor. I longed to hear from someone who had been through it and was living, breathing proof that surviving was possible.   About a year before my mom…

Co-caregivers: Remember You’re on the Same Team

Last week, I wrote about the benefits of having multiple caregivers during my mom’s recovery from a double-lung transplant. My dad, Aunt Shari, and I shared the responsibilities so that Mom had the best care from each of us. Preventing caregiver burnout and having someone else who…

I’m a Control Freak Caregiver

Last week, I talked about how caring for my mother, Holly, before and after her double-lung transplant helped prepare me for parenthood. As an only child, I hadn’t yet had the opportunity to care for someone in such a comprehensive way. I learned a lot about myself and how…

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