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I feel hopeful and am looking forward to completing meaningful goals I’ve set for 2018. I’ve had times in the past when the idea of setting goals seemed ridiculous because of having such a serious condition. I realized that for me, this was part of grieving all that I’ve lost because of pulmonary fibrosis, and that in reality, setting and completing small goals is good for me and gives me joy.

Watch a short New Year’s Wish from me to you:

Following are some of the things I look forward to in 2018:

Local speaking

I spoke at my friend’s church in downtown Sacramento last Sunday. I told the pastor I’d love to come if it was one service and I didn’t have to do all of the talking (because it’s so tiring for me). We agreed to sit together on the platform and have a conversation about showing ourselves and our kids compassion as we parent. It was a really great experience.

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As you can imagine, it was an ordeal to do something like this while using supplemental oxygen. I’m on 8 liters per minute when sitting, so we brought three portable strollers filled with liquid oxygen. My husband was with me, and two of my friends came to sell my two books after the service. It was a lot of work but was worth it. This is the only speaking I did for the release of my latest book, so I enjoyed every moment! It was wonderful to get a part of myself back, doing something I love.

Healthier eating and moving more

In December, I heard from my specialist at the University of California, San Francisco, that the lung transplant team is willing to talk with me about the possibility of getting on their transplant list. I am grateful for this new information because before this, they wouldn’t consider me because of my history of having cancer. I wrote a blog post recently that gives all the details.

This has caused me to set goals to eat healthier and exercise more. I’ve been doing great the last three weeks and am anticipating continuing to make strides. I recently came up with a way to do several short periods of exercise during the day that works for me. I’m encouraged that there are ways for me to exercise more that don’t completely wear me out! I’ll write more about this in a few weeks.

Projects and an important anniversary

(Courtesy of Kim Fredrickson)

I also have goals at home to complete some important projects around the house and for my family. I’m planning on slow and steady progress. I’m looking forward to celebrating my 40th anniversary with my husband Dave in July. A couple of years ago, I really didn’t think I’d be here to celebrate this very important day. I’m so grateful. Here’s a picture of us on our 39th anniversary.

Seeking strength for the future

(Courtesy of Kim Fredrickson)

I bought a new Bible that will help me spend more time studying passages that have to do with drawing closer to God during hard times. It’s a creative journaling Bible that I can color and write notes in, and I’ve already started. Isn’t it cool?

How about you?

No doubt 2017 had its challenges for you, just like me. It also probably had things to be grateful for, too. What are you grateful for about 2017? What goals do you have for 2018? I look forward to walking 2018 together!

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ash avatar


Happy new year to you :-) May all good things happen to you and things go as you envision them. I am just trying to get diagnosed.

Kim Fredrickson avatar

Kim Fredrickson

Hi Ash, Thanks so much for your well wishes and kind words. I hope your diagnosis process goes well, so that you can get the right treatment. Of course I really wish you didn't have to deal with this either. Happy New Year to you too

Susan Scott avatar

Susan Scott

Kim, I wish you all the best for 2018. Prayers for you for your meeting with the lung transplant team. I was just finally listed last Thursday after a year of working to lose weight and gain strength. Your articles have been so helpful and inspiring.

Kim Fredrickson avatar

Kim Fredrickson

Thanks so much Susan. Congrats on getting listed! That is so wonderful. I'm so glad my articles have been so helpful. That makes me very happy. Many blessings to you.

Stephanie avatar


Happy New Year! Thank you for sharing your story. It is an inspiration :)

Kim Fredrickson avatar

Kim Fredrickson

Thanks so much Stephanie! Wishing you a wonderful New Year and 2018. Thanks for your encouragement :)


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