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  • 30 Days of PF: Staying Active While Living with IPF

    Posted by Jessie Madrigal Fletcher on September 17, 2021 at 1:09 pm

    Malcolm Mann first suspected his lungs were under stress was around the year 2000, when he developed a cough while exercising. In those days he was a 50 y/0 triathlete, and trained around 10–15 hours per week, running, cycling, and swimming. In 2018 he was diagnosed with IPF.

    Malcom’s cough is still relentless, and he feels breathless more frequently. However, he is still swimming 1 km (about .62 miles) in the pool a few times a week, and walking 5–6 km (about 3.5 miles) a couple of times a week. He also still goes to the gym and stays as active as possible. 

    He feels he is at the lucky end of the IPF spectrum, fortunate to stay fit and travel with his wife.

    What a zest for life, Malcom! Honestly, I felt quite exhausted reading about your running! 🙂

    Staying active is a great tip when managing any chronic illness, but with lung conditions, is it that easy? How active are you?

    Malcom’s story is on our Instagram! Go check it out and do give us a follow so you don’t miss out on any #30DaysofPF stories. Not all of us are able to run, but we are trying our best to move forward 🙂

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