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    Posted by david-ota on September 1, 2022 at 4:38 pm

    After 2 1/2 years, Covid 19 finally caught my family.  Everyone is up-to-date with vaccines and boosters, and I’ve (61yo double lung transplant 2016) had one dose of Evusheld.

    My son (29yo) tested positive in July, after attending a concert in Phoenix.  He started feeling symptoms, mainly a sore throat and headache.  He tested positive on a Wednesday and relocated out of my house to a local hotel with his girlfriend (who tested negative) the next day.  On the advice of my transplant nurse coordinator, he stayed in the hotel for 5 days, returning home on Tuesday.  The prompt care would not give him Paxlovid, and he felt pretty bad for several days in the hotel. when he returned home, we quarantined him in a bedroom for another 5 days.  By the end of his hotel stay, he tested negative. His girlfriend never tested positive.

    The next week my wife and I traveled to Aruba for a week.  This was our 1st plane ride since the pandemic started.  From Phoenix, we flew to Orlando, and the next day we flew to Aruba.  We were healthy the entire week in Aruba and made it back to Phoenix 10 days after the start of our trip. Two days (Wednesday) after our return, my wife started to feel bad and did an at-home test and tested negative.  On Thursday she felt worse and test positive for Covid 19. We quarantined her in our Master Bedroom.  Now, after 11 years, I was the caregiver.  She felt pretty bad for 3 days, but by day 4 she was feeling much better.  She started coming out of her room and would eat breakfast and watch tv out of her room.  By day 5, her infectious disease nurse friend said she could resume her daily routine if she masked up.  By day 7 she tested negative.  After 10 days she stopped wearing a mask when she went out.

    I could not believe through all this, I did not catch Covid.  Several things to consider:

    1. I wore an N95 mask pretty diligently, in the airport, on the plane, and on Vacation, my wife did not.

    2. I was in close contact with a Covid patient, and I did not catch it.  It has been 2 weeks since my wife tested negative.

    3. Following the CDC and nursing recommendations, is neither cheap nor easy if you catch Covid.

    4. Masking works, and quarantining works for me and my family.

    After this adventure, I am much less hesitant to go to the grocery store and travel. I learned how to operate our washing machine and dryer.  (It’s been over 30 years since my wife trusted me with that chore)

    Stay Safe

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