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    Posted by jade-mastriano on July 10, 2022 at 1:26 pm

    Hi. Me and my husband just got married and moved to NC from CT and MA. I had full medicaid when I was there. Not knowing I would get sick we moved here to our dream state. Then we found out the hard way health care help here is almost zero. My husband a disabled vet gets his own medical through the military. Meanwhile me and his son needed our own. Thought we were getting full health with Cigna and ended up it was only partial health insurance. More like life insurance at over $700 a month. It was in this insurance I found out my diagnosis. Because they didn’t pay for a lot of things I’m stuck with around $5000 in doctor bills. So we got off that and went to Aetna. A lot more affordable. But they also go through Maeket place health.gov for tax breaks. Being my husband is the only income right now since I hadn’t been able to work much on this. His income in. On taxable so they couldn’t use it. He gets some from social security but that puts us too low to ge approved. So after signing up. Paying first month. Market place is cutting us off. We can still get the insurance but instead of $400 a month it’ll be $1400.
    I’m at a loss. I can’t get medicaid here because now that we’re married medicaid does count his income and it’s over the limit. Even though most of it goes towards are mortgage and bills. So medicaid and SSI or SSDI will not approve me. As I have to of worked 5 years they said full time to qualify as well.
    So where I am now? Trying to get approved for Champs VA. Medical through my husbands VA. But it’s been months since I submitted my application and heard nothing. Trying to get a hold of Duke university as they’re supposed to have a great lung department but no response after several emails and voice messages to them.
    only other option is I try to find a job that brings us enough to reach goal to be approved for tax break on our insurance so it’s only $400 a month instead of $1400. Which means whatever job I get has to bring in $8-$9000 a year. I tried to work a job few months ago and didn’t last past 3 days due to my breathing and coughing issues. So I’m scared. But I have no choice. My husband can’t do it. His 24 year old son can’t. He’s got some autistic issues. But never drove, rode a bike, worked a job. He stays in his room on his video games. Physically he could help but his father is very over protective and refuses to push him at all. So it’s all on the sick person in the house. So I’ll be looking for a job this week. Just hope I can manage it if I do get one. Any advice welcome.

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