• rachel-norene

    January 5, 2021 at 4:39 pm

    Thats a great achievement to get approved, and yes, its a bit of a challenge taking OFEV with food which is essential. For those of us over age 65 and on medicare, its $2,700 for January and then minimual $12 a month for the balance of the year — is that other people’s cost as well??

    I find that fatty meats, or any fried foods, either pan friend or deep fried will aggravate my digestive system, ever since COVID eating home versus restaurant food has helped a great deal,,,,, but for the first year or so with OFEV I had quite a bit of gastro upset, requiring me to cut back on dosage and sometimes taking a break from the medication.. and then I discovered the benefits of taking pro-biotic 15 minutes before my meal and OFEV, I take Bio-K+ the non dairy rice based one seems to work the best on me…………and that’s after 1 full year of experimenting…….I was diagnosed 5 years ago, have been on OFEV for 3 years, and for past 2.5 years my PFT functions all leveled out with no decline, with the exception of the DLCO which continues to have a downward decline…….

    wishing you and all the others similar success with OFEV!!

  • carol-rubin

    January 5, 2021 at 7:19 pm

    Rachel, I’m glad you get reduced to $12 month after January. I’m on medicare as well, and I was told once I reached my $6600 deductible the co-pay would drop to about $600/month. How did yours go down so much? Does it have to do with your supplement plan or maybe your income?  I’m very befuddled by the variation in what people pay for the same drug!

    I just took my first OFEV with dinner.  How soon after beginning do most people experience side effects? (if they are going to experience side effects at all) Any responses would be appreciated.


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