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      Lee Bridges

      Hello. I am interested in learning if any other PF folks have had PF caused by their use of Amiodarone (AFIB drug).

      I was started on Amiodarone in Dec. 2019 after being hospitalized for a very bad episode of AFIB. 400mg day. Prior to this, I was very active and had no breathing issues whatsoever. I continued this drug at same dosage from hospital forward. By May/June, I started having trouble breathing. By August 2020, I could hardly walk 100FT without being out of breath. I did some research and found out the Amiodarone was the culprit. I stopped it immediately. I ended up back in the hospital in September (10 days AFIB). They determined I could not tolerate any AFIB medications. I had a cryo-abalation and that has worked up to now. (In sinus as of this week) Then, in Nov. 2020 I ended up back in hospital with very bad pneumonia. After numerous CT scans, they also determined I had PF. Great. 9 months Amiodarone=PF

      I see my  pulmonologist next week and I am  going to have him do a biopsy.

      Anyone else have this happen from Amiodarone use?

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      Yolanda Germann

      Hello Lee Bridges
      Like you I had Cordarone (Amiodarone) for 5 Months.
      About 3 months before I had a lung x-ray. All OK there.
      I was prescribed tat medication for an irregular pulse due to an Aorta Insuff…again due to a Myocarditis.
      After the said 5 months the Cardio Doc. wanted to have an x-ray taken of the lung.
      One could not believe it. The picture showed a lot of cauliflower at the base of both lungs. >> Fibrosis!
      Since then I have been on the medication Esbriet. Thank the Lord that it is available also in Switzerland and gets paid by the insurance.
      I wish you well Lee Bridges.
      Love Yoli

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      Lee Bridges

      Thank you for your reply Yoli.

      Did you notice breathing problems prior to X-Ray showing the PF? This was what got me researching all  the meds I was on. It just slowly progressed and worsened.

      Lo and behold…Amiodarone.


      Best Wishes…Lee.

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        Yolanda Germann

        Hello Lee

        Yes that was more or less the way I started to realise that something was wrong.

        Although I was already off the Amiodarone at that time because the Cardiologist ordered an x-ray after I was taking the medication for 5 months.

        He put me on another tablet because of an irregular heartbeat and extra systoles.

        I just take ¼ of that medication because it lowers my blood pressure too much.

        At that time I was coughing and also had problems with getting enough oxygen.

        It was a while until my pulmonologist offered Esbriet as an alternative to oxygen.

        I am still trying out the proper doses that I endure.

        Take care Lee


        love Yoli

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      Irregular heart beats:
      I have used Hawthorn berry extract in capsule form along with Magnesium Taurate. others whom i recommended it also found it very helpful.
      Hawthorn berry extract is very good for heart problems. Please look it up.
      Thank you.

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      Yolanda Germann

      Hi Dinyar

      I did not know that :_) Thank you very much for the tip.

      Taurate I did not know. Here is what I learned…

      Magnesium taurate contains the amino acid taurine.

      Research suggests that adequate intakes of taurine and magnesium play a role in regulating blood sugar. Thus, this particular form may promote healthy blood sugar levels

      Magnesium and taurine also support healthy blood pressure.

      WOW how helpful it is.

      Thanks and take care

      Greetings Yoli.

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