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      Dearest Forum Family,

      My heart is broken to share the news with you that my friend and beloved co-columnist Kim Frederickson has passed away. Her family shared that she died peacefully at UCSF yesterday after a hard-fought battle with PF, and nearly four months of awaiting her perfect gift of life through the selfless act of donor lungs.

      I plan on writing a column to memorialize Kim and the many, many things she meant to me but have not yet been able to do so. I will post it to the forums upon publishing it, but wanted to get this news out to many of you in case you hadn’t heard yet. I know you all meant a lot to Kim, and for those who were lucky enough to get to know her, follow her writings or hear her compassion for others with this dreaded disease; I am confident she meant a lot to you as well. My only comfort now is that she is no longer suffering and can breathe freely. Her loss of her physical presence is so deeply felt among the PF community and BioNews services, but we’re so thankful for the time we had with her.

      If you feel inclined, please feel free to leave your thoughts, memories or well-wishes here.

      Rest in peace now, Kim. We’ll miss you!

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      Peggy McBride

      It breaks my heart to learn of someone so selfless passing away for lack of an equally selfless donor.   I wonder if people who are not donors simply haven’t given it any thought, in which case an awareness campaign is long overdue, or if they are superstitious or simply do not care.  I am certain that Kim was aware of the good that she was doing for the many who suffer from this disease and their caregivers and loved ones. I hope that brought her some measure of comfort. My condolences to you who knew her better.

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        Hi Peggy,

        Thanks for your kind words and sharing your thoughts about Kim’s passing. I too struggle to learn the fate of people who deserve so much better, especially when her life was dedicated to helping and caring for others. I know Kim had difficult antibodies to match, making the process of finding an ideal donor even harder than most. However, ultimately her donor lungs did not come on time. While donor rates across the world are rising due to successful transplant stories, it is always an area that could use some more advocacy, I agree. Thanks for your kind words, and keeping Kim’s friends and family in your thoughts and prayers during this tough time.


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      I did not know Kim but read reviews for some of the books she has written and they make me realize that she was a very special lady.  My sympathy to her family and friends.  Rest in Peace Kim.


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        Hi Marianne,

        Thanks for your kind words and thoughts about Kim – she was truly remarkable! So selfless, compassionate and kind. She will be deeply missed. Thanks for writing.

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      Wendy Dirks

      I am devastated to read this. I had been thinking about her and wondering about her for weeks since she went for her transplant. Her passing is the second this week – the first lady of Israel, Nechama Rivlin also died this week of PF, also following a transplant a few months ago. I’m so terribly sorry although I know she was a woman of deep faith and this will have sustained her. A terrible loss for our community.

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        Hi Wendy,

        Thanks so much for writing and sharing your thoughts on our beloved Kim. She would have been touched to know you were thinking of her! She never gave up and always held strong in her faith, which I know was a great source of comfort for her. She unfortunately never did get lungs in time, she was in the ICU waiting for nearly 4 months. Thanks for your kind words, and be gentle with yourself in the coming days – I sure know what that devastation feels like. Hang in there!


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      I have been searching for an update on Kim for quite some time.  This news is not what I wanted to find!  This is a heartbreak for all of us.  What a wonderful, positive, helpful, inspiring, lovely person she was.  While we are all left with so much that she gave to us and taught us, we certainly wanted more of her.  I am forever thankful for her sharing and caring to improve my quality of life.                                        May God bless her and her devoted family and friends ever so generously!

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        Hi Sandi,

        Thanks for connecting, although so sorry you had to come across this news. I was devastated when I found out on Wednesday too, just something I didn’t expect due to Kim’s strength, resilience and love of life and others. You’re so right, the world could have benefitted with so much more of her. Her physical absence and passing has been so deeply felt among the PF community. She would have been touched by your kind words, I know it and may her teachings stay with us all in the years ahead. She’s already missed so much!

        Hang in there and feel free to write anytime.

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      Steve Dragoo


      For your loss and your friend – breath easy in peace… Steve

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      Thanks so much for your kind words @steve-dragoo! Trying not to let it get me down, because it can’t… we must keep fighting, but it sure is tough. Hard to believe such an amazing person has left this world. Thanks again for your thoughts. Charlene.

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      David Swain

      My heartfelt sympathy for you Charlene and all Kim’s family and friends. David

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      Thanks so much for your kind words David, they are greatly appreciated and I hope this note finds you doing well. My heart will heal eventually but it’ll sure take some time. Knowing things are in the works to help her legacy live on is very special and helps with the grieving process. Thanks again for sending your thoughts!

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      Ted Ted Fecteau

      I echo all the feelings expressed so far for our beloved Kim. I echo the sympathy to her family and close friends like you Charlene. I also echo the sympathy to her extended flock of PF compatriots who have come to feel her compassion. I mourn her loss too. I thankfully celebrate her selfless giving to us all and will remember her and her encouraging voice to be gentle with ourselves. Peace.

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      Alfred Arnold

      Kim was a compassionate warrior and a source of comfort to all those who follow this forum. We mourn her passing but celebrate a life that touched so many. I didn’t get to know Kim, but knowing how much she meant to you Charlene, I would just say be strong and continue the fight against this disease. Kim would have it no other way.

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      Thank you for your kind words about Kim Al, very much appreciated. I couldn’t agree with you more re: the compassionate warrior and source of comfort that you used to describe her. Hard to believe she’s gone, I just hope she is free of pain and suffering. She would want us all to be strong and continue to support each other in this special community, so that is what I’ll try to keep doing in her honour. Sometimes the silent tears still roll down my cheeks when I say her name, that’ll take some time but I know she wouldn’t want us to be sad. Thanks for your kind words Al – so nice to hear from you!


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