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  • Charlene Marshall posted an update 2 months ago

    Hello Forum members,

    Our wonderful friend @jill-tanner is running into technical issues with the forums again (unfortunately!) but wanted me to share this with everyone until we sort out why this message was being flagged from her account. Here is the update she wanted to share, verbatim:

    ”Just over a week ago, I was in emergency with the verdict being a mild heart attack. Saw my respiratory specialist last Friday and after reviewing the various scans I’ve had over the past month he stated that I am in ”end stage” IPF. From my last chest CT done in 2017 which showed my IPF as ”mildly progressive”, new scans now show ”advanced/severe”, with the appearance of ”traction bronchiecstasis” (don’t recall seeing this on any other scans and it also appears to be a feature of advanced stage IPF), mild pulmonary hypertension, right heart artery dominance and moderate stenosis of the left anterior descending artery. Still waiting on a cardiac verdict – the discharging doc from the ER said that normally they would insert a stent after such an event, but any decision would depend on my IPF status/prognosis. Not really sure such a procedure would be wise or even warranted with the level of IPF or whether to continue along the medical/palliative treatment only route which is generally my preferred course of action. They discharged me with aspirin and an anti-coagulant, but I had to stop both almost immediately due the amount of GI distress that resulted from taking them. Due for a review with my respiratory nurse later in the week and I guess several more medical consults ahead. Last day or so I’m starting to feel more like my old self, though the energy levels are still very variable. Yet another stage in this journey has begun.”

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