• Raymond C. King posted an update 3 years, 4 months ago

    Hi Charlene,

    Just a quick note with no reply needed.

    In my last note, I said that I was now taking 2 Esbriet 3-times per day and that I was getting a little dizzy after taking it. Well the next day, I had even more dizziness and It also turned into vomiting 2-3 times per night and day. I called my pulmonologist and they advised me to go back to 1 pill per day and gave me an RX for Phenergan to stop the sickness. Since then, I am still a little dizzy after taking the one Esbriet pill cycle, but the vomiting quit. I am still having a little nausea all day but not too bad.

    Also, my insurance company sent me a letter stating they have now approved my denial appeal and would now cover Esbriet for me from 07/02/08 to 02/25/19. I guess after that time I will have to resubmit a new prior approval cycle for another refill.

    Have a good trip to Novia Scotia and I hope you really enjoy your time there.


    • Hi Ray, it’s amazing how positive you are despite all the set backs. You and Charlene step into an airplane and come visit me. As long as you cook the fish. Had 2 friends over for dinner last night and served fresh Tuna, some raw and some just seared on the outside. The sad thing is that I prefer meat and wish I could catch a T-bone steak instead of that Tuna. I wish you much strength and some days, no months, years, without nausea and pain. Rene

      • Hi Rene,

        Thanks for your remark on my staying positive despite all the setbacks. I found it doesn’t pay not to be positive because I am still alive, almost.

        Sorry, I can’t just “step into a plane and come visit you, but that would just be a dream I can’t do. I know if I did, I would have to previously sign some divorce papers my wife would present to me before I left. Thanks for the offer though.

        I love some kinds of fish, mostly breaded and fried so as not to overcook the fish, like shrimp, cod, halibut, etc. Of course, I love lobster and other kinds of shell foods too. I’m not too fussy about them or how they are cooked. I have a T-shirt that says I shot the Oysters from the Sea Galley Restaurant. I had to eat a dozen raw oysters on the half shell to get it.

        At many places, I have eaten raw tuna and Sushi with a dab of WASABI on it. I like it but my wife won’t touch it since it is not cooked. I, like you prefer a good T-bone or Ribeye steak over tuna or a lot of different fish. I even prefer a bass or perch fillet covered with mayonnaise, dipped in crushed cornflake crumbs and fired over a salmon steak. It seems baked salmon is usually too dry. Maybe it is the way that it is cooked that is the problem? Fish can easily be overcooked. Same as for a good steak though I guess. You probably have cooked enough fish that you know how to perfect it. I guess you will just have to go snorkeling for a while until you eat all that fish you caught and can go fishing again?

        Well to make things worse, I see we are expected to get about 4-6 inches of snow tomorrow night so I wouldn’t be able to get out of the driveway to go catch a plane to your sunshine area.

        Take care,

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