How We Can Work Together to Raise Awareness of PF

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If you’re a member of the PF community, you’re well aware of how little the general public knows about the disease. It’s important that we all work together to raise awareness. Awareness results in more fundraising efforts, which means more dollars, which means more research, and eventually, hopefully, that means finding a cure.

If you’re struggling with what you can to help raise awareness, we’ve put together some great ideas to get you started.

Get social
Social media is one of the best tools we have to spread awareness for any number of issues that we feel strongly about. To spread awareness for PF, this video is a great place to start, but you can also follow our Pulmonary Fibrosis News page on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for other ideas.

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Educate yourself (and others)
One of the keys to raising awareness is education. It’s important that you’re aware of all the facts so you can disseminate that knowledge to others who aren’t members of the PF community or those who are looking for causes to support. The more prepared you are to explain why PF is such an important cause, the more likely you are to gain supporters.

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Become an advocate
Talk about PF whenever you can. The knowledge you’ve gained through education will be your greatest ally. Share stories of friends and patients you’ve met along the way. Share information about what drugs are on the horizon, and the kind of progress researchers are making.

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Plan an event
Take the education and your advocacy and plan an event. Start small by inviting a few close friends and family members for an intimate gathering where you can share some information about PF, and encourage them to support the cause—either financially or by volunteering. The community can benefit just as much from a strong network of advocates as it can from financial donors.

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Create a support group
Whether you’re suffering from a chronic illness or are caring for someone who is, you’re going to need a network to get you through it. Starting a support group is a great way to bring members of the community together to share experiences and lean on each other. You may even find yourselves brainstorming new ways to raise awareness in the community.

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Start an awareness campaign
Awareness campaigns have become one of the most effective fundraising tools we have at our disposal. The Ice Bucket Challenge helped raise $115 million for ALS; Lance Armstrong’s Live Strong bracelets raised $100 million to support those living with cancer; Movember has raised almost $600 million to support men’s health initiatives all over the world. All it takes is an idea and some organization—you never know, it might just catch on. Our Revolution has some great ideas to help you get started.

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