Last Week’s Hot Topic on Pulmonary Fibrosis

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Last week’s hot topic on Pulmonary Fibrosis was Pulmonary Fibrosis-linked Genes Targeted by Specific Nanoparticles written by Patricia Inacio.

This article is about how researchers recently developed new nanoparticles more efficient at delivering in vivo (living) RNA interference (RNAi) for silencing pulmonary fibrosis-associated genes. The study entitled “Self-assembled Micelle Interfering RNA for Effective and Safe Targeting of Dysregulated Genes in Pulmonary Fibrosis” was published in theJournal of Biological Chemistry.

In their conclusion, researchers described a new type of nanoparticles which are highly efficient in in vivo delivery of stable siRNAs targeting key genes involved in pulmonary fibrosis pathogenesis. These nanoparticles may open new avenues for the treatment of the condition.

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