• Posted by Charlene Marshall on May 8, 2018 at 8:00 pm

    Has anyone in our PF forums community been placed on Amiodarone for the management of irregular heart rhythms?

    At an in-person support group that I attend, a patient was concerned about being placed on this drug when there are precautions on the label about it being given to those with lung diseases. The patient who had the concern was a middle-aged adult with IPF, and thus, she was asking if anyone else has taken this medication and what it did to their condition (if anything). This same question has actually also been posted in a few of the online support communities for those living with IPF, and as a result, I thought I’d ask others about their experience here.

    When I asked the patient what her doctor said in response to her concerns, she disclosed that her doctor says he feels the benefits outweigh the risks for her. She doesn’t feel satisfied with this answer, and is really fearful that her condition will rapidly decline since this medication has a precaution about being given to those with lung diseases. That being said, she needs it (or a drug similar) to help manage her irregular heart rhythms, which can also be a life-threatening condition. I believe she is in the process of seeking out a second opinion.

    Does anyone have a personal experience that I could share with this patient in the meantime?

    Thank you in advance for considering.

    Warm regards,

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