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  • Answering Personal Questions About My PF Journey

    Posted by pulmonary-fibrosis-news-moderator on March 12, 2020 at 9:49 am

    As a trained family therapist, Charlene Marshall knows the importance of acknowledging the hard topics when trying to process difficult life events or situations. This includes a diagnosis of a fatal pulmonary disease, like IPF. Unfortunately, this progressive lung disease has forced Charlene to think about the things she will likely miss out on such as motherhood or other difficult topics like predeceasing her parents.

    That said, Charlene doesn’t mind discussing these difficult topics with others who are curious about how she copes with this information because Charlene believes it helps spread awareness about this disease.

    As a patient living with IPF/PF, how do you feel about answering personal questions about your PF journey?

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