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      While I am a patient living with IPF, I often [unintentionally] take on the role of supporting and caring for my caregivers as well; this just comes naturally for me. It is hard when you know that someone you love is hurting for you and because of your disease. I am not sure how best to help those who love me who are hurting, and sometimes I want to “help” them by protecting them and not sharing the realities of all my appointments or declining lungs. I don’t suspect this helps them in the end though, nor does it give them a fair opportunity to care for me when they don’t know that things are getting progressively worse. It is a such a delicate balance when you love someone so deeply and you want to protect them, but you need their help and in order for them to help you, you have to share tough information.

      What are some things your loved one (the patient) does to help you as their caregiver?

      What can we patients do to make your “job” of caregiving easier? I know this is one of the toughest roles out there….

      Curious to hear your thoughts!


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