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  • Dealing with increased oxygen usage

    Posted by Rod Fulmer on June 20, 2019 at 10:57 am

    Hello. I have recently been on a steady upward progression of my need for oxygen. Over the past 4 months, I have gone from requiring 5 LPM at rest to maintain a mid 90 saturation to now requiring 10 LPM to maintain saturation while resting. With exertion (walking, showering, normal ADL’s), 10 LPM will drop below 90, sometimes into 70’s. I have a concentrator at home that will reach 10 LPM and I have a 50′ hose attached so I can function at home. But for portability, I only have “E” tanks. My problem is that if I attempt to get out, setting the “E” tank at 8 LPM to try and conserve, the tank empties very quickly and I am constantly changing tanks. I do not like the idea of being house-bound from here on, but I cannot keep on changing out the “E” tanks so often. I currently have 7 “E” tanks at home, so I have to visit my medical supplier for tank exchange at least twice a week. I have considered getting a cart that will hold 2 “E” tanks, but getting that in and out of car would be difficult. If anyone that is on 10 LPM or more could share how they continue to be active, would be greatly appreciated.

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