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    Hello Forum Members,

    I have a big appointment tomorrow afternoon as a follow-up from December with one of my specialists. I don’t know why, but I am incredibly nervous for this appointment! I have printed off my blood work results (the ones I can access anyways) and highlighted any abnormalities or anomalies that appear in the report compared to what would be normal. I am going to use my highlighting to guide my questions about what might be causing these abnormalities. I feel prepared for the appointment, and I have met with this specialist before… she is very comforting, thorough and kind so I am not sure where my nerves are coming from. As a result, I thought I would pose the following questions to the wonderful members of this forum:

    • Do you get nervous before specialist appointments and/or follow-ups? If so, what strategies do you use to calm those nerves?
    • Do you have a particular method of tracking and documenting your questions for the specialist so that you don’t forget to ask him/her about things on your mind?
    • Do you always bring someone with you to your appointments as a second set of ears?

    Thanks in advance for sharing and wish me luck.



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