• Posted by Charlene Marshall on November 13, 2023 at 6:15 pm

    Experiencing grief and loss is not uncommon for our community, unfortunately. Whether you experience a loss naturally due to old age, as I recently have, or a premature loss due to illness or an acute event, grief hurts. I would imagine many of us in this community have lost people we love to IPF; the cruel and progressive illness that has forced its way into all of our lives in some capacity. Perhaps you are still grieving a recent loss or even a long-ago death. Grief is not a linear process.

    Not only is it not linear, it’s very complicated and there’s no guidebook on how to process grief. In the context of IPF, I found a recent loss I experienced very isolating as well due to my disease. You can read a recent column I wrote about it called, How processing grief and managing PF can lead to social isolation, HERE.

    Have you found your grief experience further complicated by IPF? If so, please share what has helped you.

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