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  • Robert B

    November 10, 2021 at 8:58 am

    I took prednisone in 1973 and gained 45 pounds in two months. I quit taking it but it helped my lungs. Years later, it was used as a rescue drug when I got an infection. I’ve been on oxygen for 19 years. I coughed all the time until two years ago when the pulmonologist put me on 10 mg daily send an antibiotic three times a week. I lost my cough and was able to exercise. I’ve gained about 10 pounds but I had lost 70 before that. I’m worried about the long term effects of prednisone but I’m not sure my life would be as good without it. Plus I had Covid and lived through it. I was glad I got the vaccination before I had it and will get the booster.

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