• Bouleversee

    April 23, 2024 at 11:11 am

    I have now been on 100g twice a day or just over a month. I take it in the middle of a meal, So far only 1 near accident, quickly over, but then I have for some years had a tendency towards constipation; now no long take a laxative. I have porridge with semi-skimmed milk or Greek style yoghurt and mashed bananas and honey for breakfast, drink whole milk between doses an eat quite a lot of eggs and cheese. I don’t eat very much really, haven’t done for over a year, and am still losing weight. It will be interesting to see when/if the dosage is upped. I just wish I’d been prescribed this medication when I was diagnosed at the end of 2019 because my fibrosis has progressed quite a lot in the past year or so an since it can’t put the clock back and wont make me feel any better, it seems rather pointless now.

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