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    Posted by Charlene Marshall on November 8, 2020 at 10:01 am

    If memory serves, we’ve had conversations about dairy products in the past and how they can sometimes be problematic for those taking the anti-fibrotic meds, Ofev or Esbriet. I’d heard that dairy products can perpetuate the unpleasant GI side effects of these drugs, even though that wasn’t my experience as a patient with IPF taking Ofev.


    I’ve done something a bit different with my diet this week, and I’m already feeling the positive effects of it! Many of my friends are what-I-would-call “health nuts”, and enjoy only organic, whole foods. I’ve always understood that organic food is better for you, of course it is, when all the preservatives, pesticides, etc are removed. However, due to both the financial implications of eating organic and the need to always keep produce fresh/shop often amid a pandemic that I am isolating from, I hadn’t yet made that switch. I can’t really say what propelled me to explore organic foods, but I chose to do so this week and I feel so much better. I also eliminated most/processed dairy, which has been surprisingly easy to do!


    Instead of milk, which I rarely drank and just added to coffee or recipes, I use coconut milk and I’ve purchased a grass fed, organic cheese as well, which has made such a difference. I’ll see if I can maintain it, but I can’t help but feel like cutting dairy out of my diet is going to make me feel better overall, including the GI issues that may be worsened by dairy for those of us on Ofev.

    How does your body respond to dairy products? 

    Have they made the side effects from Ofev or Esbriet worse for you/your loved one?

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