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      For those of you who are animal lovers, you probably already know that pets can be remarkable companions through illness, injury, loss or throughout any type of recovery period. Pets can be an incredible source of companionship — offering wet-nose kisses, snuggles and someone to lean on (literally and figuratively) when things seem overwhelming.

      Patient columnist Charlene Marshall shares 5 Ways Pets Benefit Patients with Pulmonary Fibrosis here.

      Do you have any pets? How has your “furbaby” brought you joy, eased your anxiety or otherwise supported your well-being? What is the most therapeutic part, for you, about having a furry companion?

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      The best things about pets are that they give you someone to take care of and to love. I need someone outside if myself to care about and my cats come to me to sleep with m3 or to curl up on my lap.

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      Hi Winnie,

      Thanks so much for contributing your thoughts to this thread re: pets and PF. I couldn’t agree with you more – pets are the best, and I don’t think they even know how much they impact us! I have a dog that I love more than I ever thought possible, and she makes getting up (and even coming home…) easier for me as if I didn’t have her I don’t know what I would do some days. It is nice to feel as though there is someone who needs our care, isn’t it? So glad you have your feline furbabies too 🙂 How old are your cats? I also have a cat but sadly she isn’t a very nice one!

      I look forward to getting to know you though the forums a bit more Winnie, and welcome again.

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      Jason Pilgrim

      My 2 dogs (Jack Russel X 2 of) are my family 4 sure. I live alone with them and I work part time driving for Uber so I come home late some nights and feel tired, sore and weak from my multi illnesses and my doggies are a fantastic welcome home. It takes a few minutes for them to finish their licking and running around me for pats. If I didn’t have them it’d be a bleak place to be (my home). If I’m very unwell which happens a fair bit, they sleep on my bed and sit up with me when I can’t sleep for coughing or whatever. They never seem to be bothered by my waking them and I get a nice hot water bottle effect once I settle down and they snuggle up again:-) I totally love my dogs and I have a fish tank with 2 big Angels and some Catfish and they give me a lot of joy also, watching them play. The catfish chase each other around the tank and the Angel Fish play Jousting believe it or not. They line up head to head and bump heads and one pushes the other right across the tank then they swap. Very entertaining and a great way to take the thoughts away from my failing health.

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        Hi Jason,

        Thank you so much for contributing to this thread. As a dog lover myself, I love hearing stories of other people’s pets and how they are so beneficial to us! My golden retriever is definitely part of our family as well, and is likely more spoiled than most human children, Lol! I couldn’t agree more with you – how nice it is to have them waiting for us when we arrive home at the end of the day, especially on days when we aren’t well. I also swear they know when we aren’t feeling well. My dog offers lots of kisses and snuggles if I am physically unwell, or if she senses I am upset. She also tries to sit on my lap, but doesn’t remember that she is 80lbs!

        So glad your dogs are so therapeutic and helpful to you – this is truly important. Do you find they have an effect on your anxiety as well? I can’t say for certain, but I do feel better when my dog is around and as a result, I’m bringing her with me to an upcoming training for work that is a week long. I am so glad she can be with me!

        How cool about your fish, that would be a sight to see as well! I never thought about how entertaining these types of pets can be but after you explained it, I could totally see how. Glad you have all your pets there to help distract you from your health, it certainly is helpful for me and I know others benefit from the therapeutic impact of pets as well. Thank you for sharing!

        Wishing you well,

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      Sheila Blanchard

      Hi,Charlene, I wish I still had my fur baby (my cat) as I told you earlier I had to rehome her because my daughter has a senior cat and she wants him to enjoy his time left, but I still miss my cat so much it’s been over two years and at night still have a cry especially after talking with the lady who has her said if I want her back I can, she understands how I feel as she also has come to love her, my daughter still said no. I was thinking of going to assisted living but with all my ailments don’t think I can also it is so expensive and only have my government pensions thank you for listening to meCharlene it helps


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        Hi Sheila,

        Thanks for writing to me, its great to hear from you.

        Yes, I cannot imagine how much you miss your cat. They can be such wonderful companions, and I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to re-home your furbaby. I wish your daughter would change her mind, knowing how much you loved your cat. If you’re still in contact with the woman who has her, any chance you could go visit? I understand that only might make it harder for you though too.

        Sending you much strength and love Sheila, and know that we’re always here for you.
        Kind regards,

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