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      Hello All,

      I am not diagnosed, but a relative is.

      Doctors recommend against exposure to birds such as parrots because the dust from their feathers can put one at risk of getting IPF. But what about pillows and quilts with feathers? Is there a risk from these? Should we throw away these things and get new ones?

      Are there any pillows on the market that anyone would recommend as safer than usual feather pillows?

      Thank you for any views and/or studies on this issue,


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      Hi Jason,

      Thanks so much for writing and bringing this topic forward for discussion. While I can’t speak to this with certainty as I am not a MD nor do I have medical experience, I can share that my physician discourages the use of any down bedding or pillows for the reason you mentioned. I did throw away anything with feathers in it following my diagnosis, including pillows, bedding, vests etc. It was my choice to do this, but after hearing my doctor recommend to keep away from feathers, I thought it was best I do this.

      Can the relative who has IPF ask his/her physician what their thoughts are on feathers? I would imagine the physician would discourage, but it might help hearing it from the doctor who knows your relatives case too 🙂


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      john styles

      According to a university in Spain they think feather pillows are real bad, if you google “Catalan study feather pillows”  it comes up in google along with advertisements wanting to sell feather pillows.  So I thought I had gotten rid of all my feather pillows, down comforters, clothing,etc and then I discovered a lot of the new furniture is using feathers for stuffing.  Its like a horror movie, you think you disposed of the   feathers and sit on your chair or couch to relax  and then discover you are surrounded bu feathers.

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      Wow @caneelbay1 – thanks so much for sharing this John! I never would have thought furniture would also have feathers in it, just when I thought I’d done everything to protect my lungs. Gosh! Thanks for sharing, this information will undoubedtly help others on here as well.


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      Judy Fraser

      After I read that Spanish study I got rid of my down jackets, down comforter, and down pillows. But I never thought about furniture. 🙁

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      Hi @judyf

      I was with you, had never thought of furniture having down/feathers! Im glad John shared the article, but now doing some more research in terms of what my furniture is made of. It never ends sometimes!
      Take care,

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