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      Joy Lenters

      Hi, there all of you.  I am on OFEV 150mg 2x/day.  My daily regimen prior to this included 2 tsp. heaping of Metamucil, so I continued that and now take it and a banana before I take OFEV.   An hour later I have breakfast of a protein bar.  It helps stop the diarrhea, but I do need to use the bathroom 4-5 times a day.  No more solid poop first thing in the morning!

      I have pushed back my OFEV taking in the morning if I can’t ensure that I have food in my stomach first.  I have taken OFEV at 11am and at 7pm if I had to.


      Joy Lenters

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      John Kane

      Joy, I have been on Ofev for just about two years now. I always eat before I take the pill, oatmeal with nuts and fruit or toast and eggs in the morning. I find that overall the oatmeal works best. For the evening pill I make a peanut butter sandwich or Greek yogurt and nuts and fruit. I take my pills at 9am and 9 pm ish. A lot of the GI issues stopped when I stopped coffee. Hope this helps.

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      Rosanne Smith

      I have recently started OFEV( about 3 months ago ) and I found that small meals 3 or 4 times a day helps with the cramps.I have also stopped coffee as well and that seems to help. When the cramping is severe I have frequent bout of diarrhea 5 time s in a row, and then the next day I don’t go to the bathroom at all except to pee. Definitely no pattern at all.

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      David Reno

      I started OFEV 1502x a day, that did not work foe Me. Now 1 a day, every other day I take 2. I also take Pepto to help with the bathroom and cramps.


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      Bob H

      I’ve been on Ofev 2x/day for about two months: 7:30 or so am and pm. For the morning pill I eat a banana, take the pill with water then drink an 11 oz commercial protein shake. It’s been easy, convenient and it’s worked well. But this morning I carefully read the fine print on the back. I stopped reading after finding carrageen, sucralose and several other things I can’t pronounce. It’s not for me any more, at not daily for the rest of my life. What now?

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