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      I wanted to make a post about my dad’s oxygen setup as I think it can be helpful for a lot of people on here. When I was looking for information, it was a bit difficult to find.

      Oxygen Concentrator Setup:
      My dad’s on 12L at rest and we increase it to 14-15L whenever he gets up to do anything. We’ve hooked up two 10L machines with a “Y-connector” and run both at equal rates because if one is a way higher rate than the other, it causes back pressure in the machine at lower rate.

      The maximum capacity is 20L with this setup, but with another “Y-connector” we can set up 3 oxygen concentrators if we need to.

      Fun fact: Glassworkers use oxygen concentrators (sometimes 3 or more in tandem) for their work!!

      Oxygen Delivery Setup:

      • Nasal canula is recommended from 1-6L
      • Simple face mask is recommended from 6-12L
      • Non-rebreather mask is recommended for 10-15L

      Excellent youtube video explaining these three methods of oxygen delivery:

      My dad has used all three of the above as his oxygen needs have increased. He is now on the partial non-rebreather mask. CAVEAT: You have to let the bag fill with oxygen before placing it on the patient for use!! I didn’t know this at first and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working.

      1) The main challenge with oxgyen supplementation has been drying of the nasal passages. The nasal cannula was especially awful – it would dry out my dad’s nose and cause nosebleeds, which would scab over and cause him a lot of discomfort and trouble breathing. To alleviate this, we did the following:

      • Attached humidifier bottles to both oxygen concentrators
      • Use nasal cream
      • Drink more water

      As we switched to the simple face mask and non-rebreather mask, the nasal dryness went away for the most part. Now he’s complaining more of mouth/throat dryness. So, in addition to the above, we’ve started using Spry Xylitol moisturizing mouth spray and chew sugar-free gum that causes his mouth to salivate. All of this has helped a lot but the dryness continues to be an issue.

      2) Another thing I’ve read about is that full non-rebreather masks are meant to provide high % of oxygen for a short amount of time only. Such high levels of Oxygen % can cause a lot of oxidative damage to the body. I’m going to ask our respirologist about this and see if the same thing is true for partial non-rebreather masks and if we can use it long term.

      I hope people find this helpful and please let me know what your Oxygen setup is. I’m curious to know how many people have 2 oxygen concentrators (or more) hooked up.

      Thank you,

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      Mark Koziol

      Hello Vishal, you have made a great post. Thank you for sharing. Have a great Sunday, Mark.

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