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I was diagnosed with IPF last march after a respiratory infection and a week-long hospital stay. Now I have not been on any medication as of yet, however, I was prescribed Ofev at first now Esbriet. My copay is 1080.00 for one script once a month which I cannot afford to pay for. My income is only $2000.00 dollars a month for all my expenses. I need to find some financial assistance from somewhere? Does anyone know where I can find helpful resources that will help me pay for medical treatment? My fear is my IPF is progressing and I have no treatment options going on yet. I’m on 10 liters of oxygen therapy from 3 liters last March. My oxygen therapy is 24 hours a day 7 days a week. That tells me my disease has progressed in the 9 months since my diagnosis. Please if anyone can help me figure this out please help this is from my heart! I have kids and I’m only 67 years old and also was told I need a lung transplant or succumb to the disease however fast the progression has become. God Bless all who have this awful disease.  The Doctors initially called my lung disease IPF however it is PF? I know this because I’m a retired Union Painter for 35 years. I know I was exposed to many different types of chemicals and coatings within my tenure. Epoxies, leads, tinemics, inorganic zink, solvents mek, laquare thinner . I think you get itse help.

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PF of known aetiology

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Tampa Transplantation Center

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Medications and oxygen therapy

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currently in evaluation process

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Best advice for PF symptom management

I’m not certain how to answer this ? Medication would be first and for most. Oxygen is a must have for me. Also breathing therapy techniques also help. Try to limit the oxygen usage as low as possible in terms of hourly liters because you become very dependent on the liter values very quickly and need more and more as you go along.

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PF News Website

How long have you or the person that you are caring for had PF?

Approximately 9 months now 03/01/2020

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