• Thom posted an update 2 years, 7 months ago

    Hair Loss vs Breathing

    Sorry, but given the option of breathing and losing hair, I’d stick with the ofev. Most of the hair on my body has disappeared. Legs, chest, eye brows, and head. Its odd because my arms and other parts are unaffected. Big deal, its only hair. Thats how i see it.
    The ofev has lessened the effects on my lungs. I get CT Scan about every 4 months. My breathing is easier, shortness of breath has decreased. I can live with no hair, but not with no lungs.
    When i was diagnosed exactly 2 years ago today i had no idea what IPF stood for. When the first ass idiot doctor asked me if i knew what it meant, i looked at him right after he told me in so many words to buy a casket. My reply to what IPF is. “I’m Probably F***ed”. He didnt think it was funny. It wasnt supposed to be. I dropped the guy like a hot potato and found another doctor that completed his practicing and was open for business. His interest is my health. Nothing else matters to him. I was very lucky to find a trained and experienced doctor less than 8 minutes from my home.
    Good luck to all here. Its a terrible disease we all must learn to cope with. And the people here provide a wealth of information.

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