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      Kathleen Ryan

      I hope someone can help answer this question – is burning in the chest common with pulmonary fibrosis, or is it a sign of something else? I’ve had it now for about a month and seems it’s here to stay. Thanks for your ideas.

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      No burning for me other than reflux, but a trip to your GP for a referral is probably a good idea.
      IPF In my experience, is like an elephant sitting on your chest when you’re trying to take a breath after exertion.

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        Kathleen Ryan

        Thank you Ray and Ben for your ideas. Ben, I think mine is more inside the lung, and it comes at different times. I have noticed it gets worse when I breathe in cold air – oxygen hitting the damaged areas?

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          Christie Patient

          Hi Kathleen, my mom definitely had some of that with her IPF. She lives in a cold arid place and definitely had that with cold air more than warm. IPF makes the lungs brittle and fragile so I think it makes sense if you don’t have warm air making them more pliable, and humidity to keep them lubricated, to experience some pain. Definitely worth mentioning this symptom to your doctors though just be to sure it isn’t something else.

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          Kathleen Ryan

          Christie, thank you so much for the post!  I will definitely mention this to my doctor. I see him next month.


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        Joy Hoffmann

        That is acid reflux probably.

        It is very common with PF .

        Talk to your Dr about it.


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      Ben Robinson

      I have some of that.  Can you describe it better.  Mine is more related to oxygen hitting the damaged areas.  Is that your case or is it burning even without oxygen.?  Is it burning on the outer lung by the chest wall or inside the lung more?

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      I also have a burning/painful feeling but mostly when my pulse rate approaches 90+

      I have had acid reflux for 30 years and it is not that.

      No idea if it is common or what you can do about it.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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