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      Hi Everyone,

      I know there is a potential for members to disagree about this topic, as using CBD oil is a very personal choice. That said, please be respectful of everyone’s opinions as I’d like to hear about everyone/anyone’s experience of using cannabidiol help oil (CBD) for management of their IPF. In particular, I am interested in the following questions:

      • Did CBD oil alleviate any of your discomfort / symptoms of IPF, even for a short duration?
      • Did your doctor / any other health care provider (including a naturopath) recommend CBD oil for you?
      • If you did use CBD oil, what form did you use to ingest it?
      • What was your overall experience of CBD oil use for IPF management?

      I have heard from some wonderful forum members already who have tried CBD oil and some said it was beneficial, while others said they are glad they tried it but that it didn’t help them. I am not endorsing nor discouraging the use of it, I am simply wanting to explore how others have experienced using it to see if it might be something for me to consider in future, particularly for pain management.

      Thank you in advance for sharing!



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      I have been using CBD Oil for the past 3 months and I love it. I am trying to find the right dosage for me to eliminate my lyrica and tramadol as they cause inflammation as well as help with Fibromyalgia and Neuropathy pain. A good friend of mine has lung issues, not yet determined and she has been using the CBD Oil for 6 months now. Our pulmonologist saw her a month ago and asked what she had done different. He told her and I quote, “You were circling the drain the last time I saw you and I really didn’t figure I would ever see you again.” “You have made a huge turn-around, what are you doing?”

      She told him that she was using CBD Oil and he was going to start researching it as it had saved her life in his opinion. I feel better on it whether it is helping my lungs remains to be seen. I have to get a chest X-ray soon and go see the doc again to see if it is helping. I have used the spray, water-soluable, candy, and cloud. The cloud you just drop drops under your tongue. We are not allowed to have the THC here in KS, but Missouri does.  My intention is to keep increasing the dosage until I can get off of at least 2 of my medications.

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        Hi Michelle,

        Thanks so much for sharing your experience on this topic. Wow – your friend sounds like she has made a complete turnaround with the CBD oil, I’m so happy for her! I really was skeptical about it but I just had a friend who is a nurse mention the drastic difference (in a good way) her sister-in-law (SIL)  with end-stage cancer is doing. She said she didn’t believe in it either, until her SIL tried it and now she is an advocate for it for her patients. I think I am going to try it based on your experience as well! Which method of consumption do you find most helpful for you? I am also on Lyrica for nerve pain and I think it has helped me, although less medications the better of course. Like you, I think I’d prefer CBD oil to additional medications…

        Really happy for your friend, and if you think about it, I’d be curious to hear how your upcoming x-ray goes since you started using the CBD oil. I know you’d said you aren’t sure yet if it is helping your lungs but maybe that will give you some answers? Please let us know if you’re comfortable with that and thanks again for sharing!

        Warm regards,

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      Tom Carrothers

      Hi Charlene: I have had IPF for about 5 years and am Esbriet. One of my son suggested I try CBD oil in addition to the Esbriet. I have started it and not had any noticeable side effects but I am not sure as to what the optimum dosage is so would appreciate hearing from others

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      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for getting in touch with us about this! I’ve heard so many people trying CBD oil with varying effects as they pertain to IPF. None have really been negative though, which is interesting… either people find it helps, or they don’t notice a difference. No one to my knowledge has really said anything negative about using/trying it.

      Unfortunately I’m not really able to help in terms of the dosing as I don’t use this yet, but now I am convinced to try it. I think people have to just “trial and error” the correct dosage for them. Can anyone else on the forums help Tom with how much CBD oil they use that is helpful?

      If you give it a try Tom do let us know how you make out. Do you know how you’ll plan on consuming them? I’ve heard sublingual (under the tongue) is something that has worked for a lot of people. Please keep us posted!


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