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      The astronomical costs of the two FDA-approved antifibrotic medications is a popular topic of conversation among our forum community, and for good reason. Without adequate coverage, the cost of these drugs are prohibitive for some patients living with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) to access. Sadly, anti-fibrotic medications, including Esbriet, are the only thing proven to slow down the progression of this cruel and debilitating lung disease.

      For those of you living in the US, a generic version of Esbriet is now available through Sandoz. You can read more about it HERE, but something important to note is the $0 co-pay option for eligible patients. 

      For those of you currently on Esbriet but paying for the drug out of pocket, will you consider looking into this new generic version of the drug? Why or why not?

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      Pete Besio

      I posted this on another thread also. I received my first order of generic Pirfenidone today. Yes, it’s cheaper than Esbriet, but I was hoping for more. In ballpark figures, Esbriet 90 day supply of 801mg is around $$11,500, my share on Esbriet $550. Generic Perfenidone cost is $9500, my share $450. Glad to save $100, but even the generic is pretty expensive. I don’t qualify for any of the aid,so the $0 copay is not an option.

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        Hi Pete,

        Thanks for your informative post, I really hadn’t looked at the cost comparison, especially for those who don’t qualify for the $0 co-pay. It’s so frustrating how these medication costs are astronomical! Thanks for taking the time to write and explain this breakdown, I am sure it will help many others considering this generic version as well.
        Take care,

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      Thanks Pete for that info. I take OFEV, but I was hoping generic Esbriet competition might at least moderate OFEV prices. Not much, I guess.

      John R

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      Karen Martin

      I was just offered the generic form of Esbriet with my most recent refill.  I do qualify for assistance, but I will happily take the generic form for two reasons.  Number 1, I have always found generics work just fine for me.  Number 2, even though the cost is not a huge difference yet, any extra dollars this makes available for others to receive assistance has to be a good thing.

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        Great perspective Karen, thanks for sharing! I’m glad you qualify for the generic form, that is great to hear. Take care, Char.

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      Pete Besio

      I want to provide an update to my previous post on cost of generic Perfenidone.  I recently submitted a new order to eCVS Specialy and was pleasantly surprised when I received the bill.  Full charge for this prescription was $5,700.92 (down from $9130/58 last month).  My Medicare share $285.04 (down from $456.52).  This is closer to the cost savings i was hoping for with a generic!  I hope my most recent bill is the “real” pricing and that CVS isn’s using a “random number generator” for my prices!!

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      Hi Pete,

      Wow, thank you so much for sharing your experience with the generic version of Esbriet and the respective costs; it’s always so helpful to hear a first-hand experience. I hope this number reflects the real cost on the bill as well! So happy for you with the reduction of this astronomical cost for this drug.


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