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      When I was first diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) in April 2016, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I did wrong (or exposed myself to) that caused this cruel, life-threatening lung disease. My Mom took it even harder; wondering if I was unknowingly exposed to something as a child that damaged my lungs. Thankfully, the doctor’s reassured us that my diagnosis was “idiopathic” which meant nothing obvious caused my IPF.


      Despite the confirmation that nothing I did caused my lung disease, I still battle a mental narrative with myself about things I can do to preserve, maintain or improve my respiratory health. This starts with where I spend most of my time – my home.


      Last week I wrote a column called: 5 Household Tips to Maintain Better Respiratory Health. I’ve been focused on ensuring I do all these things within my home regularly, which my physicians confirmed are good measures, and within our capabilities, to help our respiratory health.


      Do you implement or do any of the things listed in this column regularly?


      Are there any other household tips you can think of to help maintain or improve your respiratory health as a patient with IPF/PF?

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      Gerri Lang

      As newly diagnosed and haven’t even seen pulmonologist yet I have begun implementing your suggestions. Never even thought about car a/c filter needing changing! I have thrown out all feather pillows, purchased a hepa air purifier and have scheduled HVAC duct work  and clothes dryer vent cleaning. In addition I have given away my laundry detergent and fabric softener sheets and have bought hypoallergenic detergent and all natural wool dryer balls. No more scented bath products and no aerosol hair products

      No more harsh cleaning chemicals and will utilize baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide.  Your article made me think and take inventory of my environment and what needs to change.

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      Hi Gerri,

      Thanks so much for writing and welcome to the forums. Sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis with this cruel lung disease! I wish none of us had to be here, but I also hope you find comfort in the wonderful people here who are willing to share their story/experience. It helps to know others truly understand…

      I’m so glad you found my column helpful, and I hope these tips help preserve your lung function as long as possible and keep the cough at bay/reduced. I am not a physician of course, so I can’t say these are helpful with any certainty but over the years, these things have helped me. Especially changing the air filter in my car, as I had no idea how dirty this could be which we’re breathing in directly.

      Please keep in touch and never hesitate to reach out – we’re here for you!

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