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      Like many of you have experienced, the COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted my medical care and I’m utilizing phone consultations and automated prescription refills during these surreal times. I have always managed my medications using one of those weekly pill boxes, where each day is filled with the tablets you need usually morning, noon and night. However, my question is around the same medications but different doses.

      I recently had a few pain medications prescribed, along with other medications which I’m used to taking. However, the doctor changed the dosage and now I’m feeling confused (overwhelmed?) with managing them. For those who have multiple doses of the same medication:

      Do you add the medication to your pill box and just make a mental note that you can swap it out for a higher/lower dose as needed? 


      I always thought I managed my medications well, but as I sit and look at all the orange or green pill boxes on my counter, I’m feeling like I have my own personal pharmacy. I’m curious how other patients manage this, please share any tips/tricks you have.


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      Allan Byron

      Hello Charlene,

      what I do is just to take the latest dose given by my doctor, so I don’t get confused.

      Pain medications are normally as needed basis.

      Best Regards,

      Allan Byron



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      Pete Besio

      Hi Char,

      Have you tried a phone app? I use one called Medisafe, but I am sure there are plenty of them.  The app allows me to enter my meds and sets schedule reminders.  Not sure if you can set different reminders for each med, but you might.

      Take care,


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      Hi Pete,

      Thanks so much for sharing — I haven’t used a phone app yet, but a few people have recommended this. I’m looking into different ones, and will keep Medisafe in mind for sure. Thank you, very helpful information!


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