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      As we continue to navigate these unusual times as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, I hope you’re all doing well and trying to practice physical distancing as much as possible. Like many of you, I am in strict isolation/lockdown due to a compromised immune system so there are no “essential” outings for me right now. This means I rely on others for everything, including groceries and medication pick-ups. It’s not easy for someone who strives to be independent and wants to do everything herself!

      Healthy eating and recipe sharing is a popular topic we discuss on the forums. Due to not being able to go to the market or grocery store to pick up fresh herbs/spices or produce regularly, I’ve found that my creativity in the kitchen is lagging. I like to cook, but I am finding it difficult right now. I just signed up for one of the meal kit deliveries ( HelloFresh in North America ) to see if this helps me continue to eat well, while not relying on people getting groceries for me regularly.


      I will ensure everything is wiped down/cleaned before using the ingredients, but I look forward to learning new recipes based on what comes in my box – you get to pick the meals – and applying them for future meals as well. This is a weekly subscription, and I’m not sure I will be able to financially maintain it but am looking forward to giving it a try amid these unusual times.

      Have any of you tried a weekly or monthly meal kit subscription to help with health eating habits or learning new recipes? 

      Which one did you try? Did you like it? 

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      Suzanne R Brennan

        A few months back, my  husband and I tried Silver Palate, which I believe was touted by AARP in the US. The meals were interesting and creative but one size definitely doesn’t fit all! I was satiated but my husband was not. We didn’t order again as we would’ve needed three for one meal for the two of us and it just wasn’t cost effective. I went back to cooking.

        You are right, though, getting the right ingredients when you are home isolating, can be very difficult. Heartbreaking to see crops being plowed under due to a lack of distribution means once institutional buyers (schools, restaurants, etc.) were no longer purchasing. Sure hope farmers and their distribution partners solve this issue before the spring and summer crops are in the same dire straits.

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        Terri Marsh

          Even though my husband is a great cook, planning meals and shopping can be a bit much. We also use Hello Fresh and it works out great for us. There’s always plenty of food for two. The best part is the food is delicious. Customer service is also great.

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          Thanks for sharing Terri. I’m happy to report this has also been my experience so far – delicious, fresh food and great customer service! It is taking the effort and thought out of groceries and cooking right now, which I appreciate, even though I do enjoy cooking. Take care and thanks for writing!

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          Hi Suzanne,

          Thanks for writing and yes, I certainly agree with you: one size doesn’t fit all. I had such a hard time being convinced to try something like this because I heard so many mixed reviews, and definitely want to weigh out the cost effectiveness with convenience before deciding whether or not to continue long-term. If the food isn’t enough, and you have to order more, I completely agree that it may not be the best option. The groceries right to my door is so appreciated during these times, though!

          I just finished reading an article on the meat production and distribution to Canada – many of the biggest North American meat packaging plants think there may soon be a shortage of that too. How very unfortunate! I also hope the farmers can manage this summer. Thanks for writing, Charlene.

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          Suzanne R Brennan

            Charlene, one thing I found is that smaller meat markets/butchers still have a pretty good supply and some are delivering here in the states. Perhaps you can find one in your part of Canada who could deliver as well or at least allow someone to pick up products on your behalf. Yes, some meat processing plants have had to close as so many workers have tested positive. I live in Colorado and one of the big ones (JBS in Greeley CO is one of them) has had to close for a minimum  of two weeks. These closures also mean the farmers have to continue to feed their livestock until rendering plants open back up so not only can they not bring their animals to a plant, they have to continue to feed them. Beef and pork are probably fine but lambs are a huge thing in CO in the spring and if they get too big, they are less desirable.

            Not trying to be a downer but just wanted to point out that there are probably other places to get meat besides grocery stores. Hope that helps!

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            Hi Suzanne,

            Thanks so much for writing – it definitely helps! Plus, I really enjoy supporting local, especially when it comes to butchers and farmers so thank you for letting me know this. I’ll have to take a closer look at meat delivery options here, and perhaps also get a deep freeze-freezer as I can only have so much in my fridge freezer right now but this is an excellent alternative for meat. Thanks again!

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