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      Daniel T

      Hi there, there have been discussions on taking Nattokinase with Serrapetase. There are a few threads discussing the dosage for Serrapetase.

      Would anyone be kind enough to share the daily dose of Nattokinase that they are taking? If possible, I am curious if you feel that adding Natto to Serrapetase helped your overall well-being and in which aspect.

      Thank you so much!

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      I take 100mg, 2000 FU once a day.

      I also take Rhodalia (rosavin), NAC, NAD+, and a host of other supplements.

      I had been stable for a year-and-a-half until recently. I’m 5 years into my diagnosis.

      My previous dose of nattokinase had included red rice yeast, but the supplement company doesn’t have that product anymore.  Does anyone think I should be looking for it?

      I’ll be starting serrapeptase later this week when it arrives. I’m not sure what dose I should take either.

      On the RX side I take Esbriet (three years), and started Metformin some months ago.

      Both of these alter my digestion and sense of taste, so I dropped the Metformin about 2 months before a recent decline, and I since started it again.


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      I am curious why you are taking metformin- is for diabetes? The reason I ask – there has been some trials that suggest it may prevent fibrosis

      linda 35

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      Hi @danielt ,

      Thanks for writing about this topic and asking the question about nattokinase. I’ve not tried this personally, a few members of the forum have and written about it with serrapeptase, as you mentioned. @steve-dragoo , can you chime in here at all about Natto? If I remember correctly, you’ve had experience with this 🙂

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      Daniel T

      @maynard – hope you are well. From what I gathered through read the forum, the Serrapeptase dose that most seem to on is around 120,000 SPU.

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      Stephen Gould

      Hi all – a friend suggested serrapeptase (one who has no connection to any IPF groups) and after doing some Google searches, it seems to function to break up scar tissue.  I am taking 80,000 units 2x per day, but haven’t seen any recommendations for dosages.  Curious also about what dosage for adding nattokinase to my regimen?

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      Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for writing – this seems to be a hot topic as of late! A few other folks have been asking about the dosages of Nattokinase, although no one seems to have a recommended dose as you say. @steve-dragoo – any insight here? I unfortunately don’t take this so I’m not sure how helpful I can be, but hopefully others can share.

      Kind regards,

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      I’ve been taking 2000 FU of Nattokinase OD for several years – for reasons having to do with being a cardiac bypass patient, and I hadn’t read about its application to IPF until recently.

      Now that I’ve added serrapeptase for IPF (40,000 three times a day as per advice in this forum), I’m thinking of doubling the nattokinase. However, that’s not based on any real knowledge, just a semi-educated guess.

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      Hi Maynard,

      Thanks for sharing your experience! I know others are always interested in hearing if there are supplements or other aids that can help us living with IPF. I’ve not tried either of these so I’m not particularly helpful, but I know others will find your experience of interest. Do you find the Natto has been helping as you hoped it would over the years?


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