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      This forum has been home to some amazing discussions on alternative ways to manage idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) and/or reduce the side effects of this cruel lung disease. I believe the online community we have here is a unique one in the sense that everyone is so well-educated, willing to share their personal experiences and committed to helping others living with this disease. For that, I am very grateful!

      The topic of how to suppress the chronic, pesky cough that comes with IPF has also been brought up on these forums in the past. Natural remedies as cough suppressants have been discussed, along with how to deal with phlegm and using puffers to help reduce the cough as well. What tends to work for some people, doesn’t always work for others, but I am grateful for any/all information shared regarding tips on how to deal with the chronic IPF-related cough.

      Yesterday, a reader of one of my columns shared with me a natural cough suppressant that might help others, which I’d never heard of before and it involves chocolate! This member shared that dissolving 70% cocoa black chocolate in your mouth may help your cough improve…

      Have any of you ever tried this natural remedy?

      Have you heard of it before?

      This natural remedy might be one I can get on board with trying!

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      Steve Dragoo

      Wow – I have not heard of that but it will be worth buying all of the dark chocolate from Amazon to see if it works… Steve

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        Hi Steve,

        I hadn’t heard of this before either, but this is one natural remedy I could certainly get behind! They say dark chocolate, that of >70% cocoa does have a lot of good properties for us. I love chocolate, but have been really good at reducing my intake of it, next to never pretty much now, but occasionally I enjoy a piece of dark chocolate with sea salt in it. I am just so aware now of the inflammation and other issues that sugar causes to our bodies, so I try to stay away from it.

        I am curious to see if it works as well! Will keep you posted, please do the same if you try it. Right now, my cough seems to be okay so I’ll likely add this to my next Amazon order…


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      I’m not an expert and have no clue about it . I just have heard about it and found a few days ago this article :

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        Hi Jean-Michel,

        Oh, thanks so much for posting that article. I just saved the link to my computer, and am going to take a read over it before bed (once the forums are all caught up :)) @steve-dragoo, did you see the link Jean-Michel shared about dark chocolate? Had you heard of this before our posting of it @jeanmichelf? It amazes me how many different things are out there to help with the pesky symptoms caused by IPF. While some work for majority (ie. seemingly, the laser therapy), I know some won’t work for others but always worth a try. Especially when it involves chocolate!

        Thanks for sharing,

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      @charlene-marshall Yes I was alerted a few weeks ago by severall artciles in the press (but non medical press). Reason why I tred to search more details. Link provided is the most detailed I have found. What I understand is that no full clinical trials have been done, but we all know that it does not mean that there is no effect. The best now would probably be to contact Dr Morice to see if he would accept to contribute here or would accept an interview for us ….

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        This is really interesting Jean-Michel, thanks so much for sharing how you became aware of this information. It seems as though it is not as rare as I thought, which is great! This is one potential cough suppressant I could get behind, I love dark cocoa chocolate. I’m going to post the article you sent me as well, I think it’ll be interesting to folks to read, thanks for sharing that with me!

        Enjoy your day 🙂

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      Brenda-Hal Sisk

      My husband & I love 70+% dark chocolate; it’s the only chocolate we buy.  This would be wonderful.  I’ve got some here, so I’ll be trying it for sure.  Thanks for the article! – Brenda

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      Hi @brenda-hal-sisk,

      Thanks so much for getting in touch and I hope this note finds you doing well! I love dark chocolate too, so this would be a cough suppressant I could get behind, wouldn’t it be great? Let me know if it works for you and I’ll do the same. I also wanted to re-post a link that @Jeanmichelf shared regarding this too. Check it out:

      Take care and thanks again for connecting.

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      Suzanne R Brennan

      I have seen a lot of posts regarding how to control the IPF cough. I am pretty lucky that I don’t cough much – at least right now. But a cough is what led me to a doctor and my diagnosis of IPF. My pulmonologist prescribed Bacflofen for me (10 mg each morning and night) and I hardly ever cough anymore. That is an “off-label” use for that drug – its a multiple sclerosis drug but it calms down my cough reflex and has really helped me.

      I’ve never seen anyone else post that they take it but it’s working for me! At the least, you could ask your pulmonologist about it.


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      Hi Suzanne,

      Thank you so much for writing and sharing this with us. I am lucky too, I don’t typically have a pesky cough although I find I clear my throat a lot more than I ever used to and a prolonged cough (plus shortness of breath) is what brought me to the doctor initially. I do cough more than I ever used to, but I think in comparison, my cough is not near as prominent as some others have it.

      Interesting, I’ve never heard of Bacflofen being used to manage the cough in PF patients, but I am so glad it is reducing this pesky symptom for you. Good suggestion for others to ask their pulmonologists about it, hopefully it helps others looking to reduce this. Is the cough you went to the doctor for, a dry or productive cough? I know the treatment for each can differ depending on that as well.

      Take care,

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      WEI Institute has herbs that work for a cough and also herbs that work on GERD (hernia issue) I have tried several herb products from them and every one has worked well. They have 5 or 6 products just for lung issues. I am ordering a 2 week supply next week to treat my phlegm issue. I do not have a cough as of yet.


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        Hi Denny,

        I know you’re a big supporter and advocate for Wei products, which is so great! I try to share your positive experience with those unsure of trying it, and pass on Gabby’s information which you so kindly shared. Did you learn about the products that help with phlegm from her, as well? I know others will be interested in learning more about this if it proves effective for you. Goodluck and hope this note finds you doing well!


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      Sorry Charlene. Chocolate makes me cough. (I eat it anyway).

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        Hi Bill,

        Ah bummer, sorry to hear that! I suspected it might not work for everyone, perhaps no one would benefit from such an easy and delicious natural cough remedy, but hoped someone might find it helpful if I posted it. I would eat it anyway as well 🙂 Can you imagine if all of a sudden, chocolate was the solution to the pesky iPF cough? One can dream, right?

        Have a great day!

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