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      As a patient living with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), one of the most frustrating and difficult aspects of this disease is the chronic, uncontrolled cough. Not only can constant coughing be physically painful, it can also make for some difficult social situations for patients to navigate as well. Just recently, a friend of mine shared with me that someone sitting beside him on an airplane commented on his persistent cough, leaving him feeling terribly guilty. Not only was his cough covered by a mask, he also explained to the gentleman that he couldn’t help it due to a lung disease and confirmed he was not contagious. The man’s response was both cruel and uncalled for, and my friend was left feeling awful about a symptom of a lung disease he couldn’t control.

      Do you suffer from the chronic and persistent dry cough as a result of your IPF/PF?

      If so, have you tried any natural remedies that seem to reduce or eliminate it? 

      I know there are different prescription medications that doctors often explore with their patients in hopes of slowing down the constant cough. However, many of us (myself included) would prefer to avoid any extra medications if we can help it. Pending it won’t interfere with the medications I need, and that the natural remedies aren’t too extreme; I am usually open to trying natural remedies to eliminate symptoms of my lung disease. That said, I haven’t yet tried the suggestion solution above!

      I saw this post as a natural remedy to help with coughing on social media recently and it grabbed my attention. Since it is an easy recipe to make, I thought I’ll give it a try when I am feeling the need to suppress my cough. I also thought it would be beneficial to share with this group!

      Has anyone tried this before?  Does it work? 

      I’m not endorsing or encouraging it as I’ve yet to try it, and I am sure it didn’t come from a credible source, but sounds like if nothing else, it might make a nice evening snack. Please let us know if you give it a try!

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      It sounds close to your banana ice cream recipe. So are you a banana addict? 🙂
      I will try it.


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      I thought that too Bill! Therefore, if it tastes similar to my favourite “homemade” icecream recipe, and is a cough reliever than that is only a bonus, huh? I am a bit of a banana addict, you are correct – it is one of my favourite flavours, both naturally and artificial flavouring as well. Mmmm maybe I should make some banana muffins this weekend 🙂

      Let me know if you find this works as a cough suppressant. I am so curious!

      Warm regards,

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