• Donald Salzberg MD

    January 12, 2023 at 2:26 pm

    Hi William. To answer your question I am curious as to what (if anything) worsens and/or lessens this pain? Where is the pain? Is it crushing vs sharp. How advanced is your IPF? So many causes of “chest pain” How old are you. So more info is needed. I have had IPF now for about 5-6 years (now 68) (on OFEV) and recently (2-3 weeks) noticed a chest tightness w/exertion. Could be angina (ischemia) so I’m heading to my cardiologist to rule out heart disease (stress test). There are many Other causes of chest pain: reflux (heartburn); pulled muscle in ribs (trauma/coughing); cardiac issues. I suggest you see someone in these fields (pulmonary; cardiac).

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