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      Ron Johnson

      I started the WEI Supplements about 6 weeks ago and wanted to relay my experience. Seeing some on this forum with benefits, I thought I would try it even though it is expensive. I was diagnosed with IPF in October 2017 and now have lung function about 40% FEV1 and 30% DLCO from PFT 7 months ago. My energy level had decreased substantially and it was getting increasingly difficult to walk to another room even with oxygen.
      After taking the supplements, my energy level is at least 50% better (subjective). I now look forward to walking outside and actually doing some light yard work or even work in the workbench. My PFT from last week showed a 5% improvement in lung function (FEV) and stable diffusion (DLCO) relative to previous PFT 7 months ago.
      In addition, my symptoms from interstitial cystitis (inflamed bladder) have dramatically improved: much less pain, frequency, and urgency. I am amazed and very thankful for these results.

      The supplements are about $1000 per month but so far worth the improved energy and reduced IC symptoms. God bless all.

      Ron Johnson

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      Great to hear you have improved Ron, im wondering what your FVC is compared to 7 months ago? FVC is the better lung function indicator not FEV, Also your DLCO is it still 30%? because doctors consider any reduction less than 10% as stable, so just wondering as im very curious about the supplements for my dad.

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        Tamara Cathey

        So glad to hear of your improvement. Can you tell me which supplements you have been taking. I am seriously interested.

        Tamara Cathey

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          Ron Johnson


          The combination is on the WEI website under Respiratory. It includes Soup A, Soup B, and LC Balancer. Take three times a day. I hope it helps others as much or more than it has helped me.
          Regards, Ron

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          Ron Johnson


          You are correct. My error. It is FVC that I am comparing. Sorry for the confusion. The DLCO was identical in the two comparison PFTs.

          Regards, Ron

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      Steve Dragoo


      Hey Ron,

      When I first took Wei it helped a lot but the second time not as much however I was recovering from a deadly illness that almost took me out so I am sure I recovered faster but it still took over 6 months and I  only took two months.

      I am considering another 3 month go and trust it will help but expensive.

      Keep  us posted on your story.

      Thanks – Steve

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      Ben Robinson

      I think I am seeing benefit from it. Just a lot of pills to take every day. I think it is helping along with my other meds.

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