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      John M

        Recently I read a post from someone who had been to Panama to get the Stem cell therapy. I didn’t mark the post of write-down the name. I am contemplating going to Panama to get that treatment and would like to communicate with patients that have tried that therapy. If you are or know someone who has done that, please contact me on this forum or by DM.  Tks John

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        John Weitner

          John, I recently posted my experience with stem cell therapy – however I had it done in Colombia not Panama.

          so not sure if you are referring to my post or not






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            Carlo De Pellegrin

              John, might you share your experience with all on this site? i certainly would be interested as I’m sure many more would.

              thank you so much….

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            Judy Fraser


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              John Weitner


                I did post my experience a couple of months ago..


                this is what I posted:

                Due to this thread I decided to have stem cell therapy done – which I did last December at a clinic in Colombia.

                I was told that it would take 4 to 6 months to see any results. They stated that the improvement would be less inflammation in my lungs. They never made any claims that the scarring would get reduced.

                I can state that my inflammation has gone down – noticeably so – I cough less and have to clear less mucus than before the treatment. However there hasnt been any improvement in my breathing or a lower need for oxygen – my SPO drops below 90 with ANY activity including slow walking.  I feel my breathing has gotten slightly worse over these 6 months.

                I’m glad I did it simply because it was worth trying. The staff at the clinic were wonderful.

                Hard to say if it was worth the expense – region of $20K – if reduced inflammation would slow down the progression – then it’s worth doing – otherwise no.


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                Mary C Brewington

                  Following. I find this area of treatment very interesting. I have been diagnosed with HP & feel stem cell may be helpful.

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                    Carlo De Pellegrin

                      John, thank you very much for sharing. A ll best to you.

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                    Harletta Carathel

                      Curt, Do you think the stem cell therapy would help a person with ILD that doesnt have an upcoming lung transplant? In what way to you think it helped you?

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