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      If asked to think about it, I am sure each of us can name someone in our lives that is overly positive and optimistic. I admire those people: the ones who always choose to “see the glass half full” and I often need them in my inner circle, to remind me to be positive, especially since my diagnosis of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) a few years ago. While positivity is important and comes in all different forms, it’s not always good for you.


      Have you ever heard of toxic positivity?


      A wonderful forum member emailed me this article, and it couldn’t resonate with me more. Therefore, I wanted to share it with all of you. According to the article, the term ‘toxic positivity’ has been around for a long time, however, the current global pandemic has forced us to become aware of its dangerous effects.

      If you’re interested in reading more, I’d encourage you to draw your attention to the paragraph on toxic positivity in the age of coronavirus. This line was particularly powerful for me: “if you never let yourself feel any emotion besides happiness or gratitude and instantly shut down any so-called “negative” emotion, you’re not dealing with how you really feel”. I like it because it certainly does apply to the pandemic, but it also applies to my life with IPF as a young adult.


      If you took a moment to read the article, what resonated most with you?


      Have you ever experienced toxic positivity from others? If so, when?



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      David Ota

      Ha Ha HA.  Toxic Positivity, what a concept.  I have not heard that term before, but I instinctually feel the truthiness of it.  What struck me in the article is the heading, “The right way to be positive”.  REALLY?!? Seems a little judgy.  I suspect most people are positive or negative in any given situation based on their own history and outlook on life.  Based on my own history and outlook, I’d spin “Toxic Positivity” to “Irrational Positvity”  I see Toxic/Irrational Positivity all around me, everyday.  I see it is the stock market, in the George Floyd protests, I see it in the phased reopening of the states.  What I see as Toxic, others see as Optimistic.  My thinking they are wrong does not make them so.  The world would be a better place (for me) if everyone acknowledged I was right.  I suspect that may not happen,  In the mean time, I will try and avoid the Toxic and Irrational.

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      Hi David,

      Thanks for your comment and sharing your thoughts on this post. The concept isn’t something I’d heard a lot about either, though apparently it has been around for decades, however, like you I see it all around me when I think about it more in depth. I can see it being used interchangeably with “irrational positivity” as you say as well! We had a long and interesting discussion (over social media of course, as we all remain at home) among my colleagues about this recently and instead of being positive all the time, focusing on authentically talking to people and meeting them where they’re at. It’s unrealistic to always be positive, and doing so can cloud the very real emotions we need to feel. Interesting concept and thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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