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      Mark Koziol

      When I was being evaluated for my lung transplant, I came across the path of many patients who were post lung transplantation. I loved to hear their stories. I felt that hearing a personal experience from an actual patient would be most beneficial for me. Many of the patients mentioned the loss of memory as a side effect from the surgery. I do know a partial reason for this is the medicine I take for rejection, which is called Tacrolimus. I previously wrote a forum topic on this subject.

      I know loss of memory can be frustrating especially when I have my wife looking at me and telling me to use my words! Sometimes the words don’t come out the way they should. I tend to use words like thingy, that’s, and “whatchamacallit”. It doesn’t happen all the time but it does happen. I am lucky my wife can recognize what I am talking about- at least most of the time.

      I came across an article originating from my favourite referencing site: Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials. The article is titled, Why Improving Your Concentration Helps Your Memory. The article provides 12 tips to facilitate the improvement of your memory. Dr. Bonner-Jackson states, “for the majority of people, it’s not a memory problem per se, but it’s more of a concentration or organizational problem where they’re not getting the information initially or they’re not processing it correctly in the first place.” I like the tips mentioned in the article because they are concrete and attainable.

      I am interested to know if any members have had memory or concentration issues and how are you dealing with this issue?

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