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      Mark Koziol

      If you are like me, you dread allergy season. This year allergy season in the Midwest seems to be fiercer than in past years. I have had a single lung transplant and technically still have IPF in my native lung. I liken this allergy season to a boxing match that I am currently losing and hope I can make it to the final round and win the decision. Every day it seems I get hit with a jab only to be followed up by an uppercut leaving me a little dazed. I will keep fighting through this adversity.

      I have not altered my lifestyle and I spend as much time outside as I can. At times I do have slight difficulty breathing but I have been assured my allergies will not affect my transplant or overall health. It is more of an inconvenience to me. I am hoping the “very high” pollen counts will subside soon. I read a publication titled, “Why Are My Allergies So Bad This Season?” Dr. David Lang M.D. gives a detailed answer to why the allergies are worse this year. The article is concise and answers the question of the title.

      A Seasonal Allergy Survival Guide” is another article I read that would be helpful for forum members suffering from allergies. I did not develop allergies until I was forty years old and have tried various allergy pills. I have been skin tested and I am allergic to over 35 different grasses and trees. If I didn’t have a transplant I most likely would have gone through the anti-viral protocol to help my body gain immunity from the allergens.

      I would like to hear from our forum members how you are coping with allergy season.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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