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      The possible correlation between acid reflux and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) has been a popular topic on our PF forums since their inception last February. Unfortunately it seems as though many of us who suffer with IPF, also deal with acid reflux problems/GERD currently and over the years.

      There have been some incredibly helpful tips on our forums from members who have found solutions through trial and error, or personal experiences to relieve some acid reflux discomfort. Some of the solutions work for people, whereas others don’t, but usually they aren’t invasive solutions so could be worth a try if you do struggle with acid reflux. If you are new to the forums, check out some of the discussion topics on dealing with acid reflux here.

      While researching another health-related topic recently, I came across an article that had an unusual remedy in it to address acid reflux. As a result of this issue being so prevalent among our forum members, I figured it couldn’t hurt to post what I read here. Have any of you ever heard of pickle juice being used to relieve acid reflux? The article I read highlighted this as a non-invasive (and potentially even healthy/natural) solution to acid reflux. I am curious if anyone has ever given it a try. If you have, what was your experience with it reducing the amount of acid reflux you deal with on a daily basis? 

      I look forward to hearing from you!

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