PF Patient Creates Parenting Book for Her Children

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by Kim Fredrickson |

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Kim Fredrickson, a patient columnist for Pulmonary Fibrosis News, is very aware that PF is shortening her lifespan, and it’s been hard for her to face her mortality. This reality guides how she spends her time, energy, and the decisions she makes. It also motivates her to get her affairs in order, and take steps to create meaningful memories for her loved ones.

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About six months ago, she realized she probably won’t be around to hold her future grandbabies, or help her children raise them in person. She decided to compile all the parenting workshops she’d given as a marriage and family therapist over the last 30 years into a book for her family. She wanted to have a positive influence in the lives of her adult children and their future grandchildren, and help them with the challenges of parenting when the time came. Originally this book was only going to be for them. As she wrote, she decided that others might benefit as well, so decided to self-publish it.

Several PF patients have already contacted Kim to let her know that they too fear they won’t be around to help raise their grandchildren, and are giving her book to their adult children.

Give Your Kids a Break: Parenting with Compassion for You and Your Children was released last week.

Kim also wrote a column on the topic, called “Creating Meaningful Memories for Our Loved Ones,” if you’d like to get more ideas.

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